As of June, Future.UA raised UAH 824,600 in contributions

As of June 1, Charity Foundation Future.UA raised contributions totaling UAH 824,600.

Out of this amount, the Fund spent UAH 522,000 to buy two cars already handed over to soldiers on the front line.

Further, UAH 99,600 were spent on buying 166 sleeping bags for a military unit.

The Fund keeps raising funds for:

  • the KVS ANTIDRON-G6 hardware systems for suppressing UAV control channels.
  • Five such devices are needed. One device costs UAH 383,000.00. The total cost is UAH 1,915.000.00.
  • Leleka 100 UAV system One system costs UAH 1,800,000.00.
  • Eight more second-hand SUVs.

Our accounts are active!

Hang in there, dear friends! We will prevail!