Charity Foundation Future.UA’s History

We planned to establish the Charity Foundation Future.UA before the war. However, russia’s invasion of our country changed our plans rapidly. Thus, instead of concentrating on the rehabilitation of military personnel, ATO veterans, and law enforcement officers according to our prior plans, the Fund founders decided to focus on the items Ukraine needs right now.

Thus, Future.UA’s mission during russia’s war against our country is to meet humanitarian, domestic, security, and other needs of citizens and the material/technical needs of Ukraine’s military personnel. The Fund buys high-tech equipment that helps save the lives of the military personnel and protect them from enemy action, including drones, UAVs, cars, security systems, and other accouterments.

Our Charity Fund is doing its best to strengthen our state’s defense capability and mobilization readiness.  

Everyone is invited to support our Charity Fund.

Future.UA raises funds from many people and organizations both in Ukraine and abroad. Money can be transferred to the Fund’s accounts from many countries and via various banks worldwide.

The Fund’s financial statements are transparent. Each donation and procurement operation can be tracked on the Charity Fund’s website and its official Facebook page.