Future.UA Charity Fund Starts a Fundraiser for the Equipment for Ukraine’s Armed Forces

Future.UA Charity Fund Starts a campaign to raise funds for the equipment for Ukraine’s Armed Forces.  

For instance, the Armed Forces need KVS ANTIDRON-G6 hardware systems for suppressing UAV control channels.

Five such devices are needed. One device costs UAH 383,000.00. The total cost is UAH 1,915.000.00.

The equipment will be produced within 45 calendar days of the payment.

These control channel suppression systems are needed to fight against UAVs. The system blocks the frequency band used by the enemy drones. As a result, a drone becomes uncontrollable, unable to transmit or receive data, loses its orientation, and falls down.

We are rolling out a campaign to raise funds for a Leleka 100 UAV system. One system costs UAH 1,800,000.00.

The system will be produced within three months of being paid for.

Leleka-100 was developed for air reconnaissance to determine the exact geographical coordinates of various objects in real-time. 

Importantly, the equipment will be produced by, and procured from, Ukrainian manufacturers. Thus, the Fund will not only make the army stronger but also support our economy.

Furthermore, we need to raise funds to buy 10 second-hand SUVs. They cost USD 8,000 to USD 10,000 per vehicle.

We invite everyone to join this fundraiser. This equipment may be expensive, but it is our soldiers need it for our victory.